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Missionary trains locals to read and write

Posted by On 9:16 PM

Missionary trains locals to read and write

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LOCAL missionary Felix Kepi has trained 35 people to read and write in English and Tok Pisin.
Kepi said he started the training in Sowe village in the Nipa-Kutubu district of Southern Highlands in June 2016, with support from a local church pastor.
“I taught in English and in Tok Pidgin and targeted vocabulary and usage and had to go all the way back to basic phonics so that participants could confidently read,” he said.
He said most of the participants were able to read the Tok Pidgin bible after two months of training.
“Such training is a bridging course for many of the local people because many have never attended any level of education because of the tribal fights,” Kepi said.
“We bought books from the Christian bookstore and used them as our resource material so that the participants can practice how to combine letter sounds correctly so that they are able to p ronounce words.”
Felix Kepi can be contacted on 7941 0218.

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